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Quite recently a close friend of mine, at barely thirty years of age,received a grim diagnosis of an advanced fatal illness for which there was no remedy. At one point right while redecorating his home one evening he collapsed and had to be rushed to the hospital.

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  7. The medical staff at the time doubted he would make it through the night. The next morning early I rushed to the hospital and timidly approached his room, fearing what I would find.


    To my great surprise there was Ken, sitting up in a chair and having pancakes and bacon for breakfast. As Saturn Pluto approaches, …..


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    Vanity Fair Astrologer Michael Lutin appears tonight to let you in on all the secrets you may keeping from yourself and helping you live a happier life from now on. That's a promise. Michael will speak tonight not only about how you can be happy in but on what's going on in America over the next twenty years.

    Chiron's Calling with Michael Lutin

    He has a wicked intuiton and a wicked wit. Written with zip by a man who has been called the Mick Jagger of astrology, this guide is fun, lively, and full of surprises. With a rich background — her ancestors were Cherokee, Celtic, and Daughters of the American Revolution — Madalyn has been doing psychic readings since she was Her work has appeared in Seventeen, as well as numerous other magazines, and she has a nationally syndicated horoscope column.

    Her psychic healing powers, which she integrates with Palmistry, are quite extraordinary. During a session, you feel as if your whole being — from your earliest roots to your distant future — is laid out before you like an immense map. Madalyn works on an extremely deep level to discover all that is within you, so you can grow to your fullest potential and receive the maximum benefit of her power.